Baidyanath Dashmularishta 450ml


Regular exercise is helpful in strengthening muscles, bones, and ligaments, and it can also boost immunity. Additionally, exercise can help to remove inflammation and harmful toxins from the body, while nourishing, revitalizing, and rejuvenating the body. For people experiencing joint inflammation, pains, cough, constipation, or loss of appetite, exercise can be particularly beneficial.

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Baidyanath Dashmularishta, an ayurvedic liquid medicine, has multiple health benefits. It is known to improve metabolism and increase digestion power, and is often used as a health tonic and to relieve body pain. It also boosts strength, energy and reduces weakness. Additionally, Baidyanath Dashmularishta is beneficial for women’s health and helps maintain optimum health for them. After delivery, women commonly experience various issues such as backache, fatigue, pain in the perineal area, excess discharge, postpartum depression, sluggish uterus, and swollen breasts. Baidyanath Dashmularishta can be an effective remedy for these problems, helping to alleviate postpartum symptoms and promote overall well-being for new mothers.

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Key Ingredients

Giloy, Amalaki, Punarnava, Haritaki, Badi kateri, Chhoti Kateri, Manjistha, Honey, Jaggery, Safed chandan




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