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Dabur Dashmularishta is a supplement for fatigue and digestive health for the new mother. A nutritional syrup that helps recoup health after childbirth benefits women with uterine infections, general weakness, and lactation. It removes bacteria from the body and system, boosts immunity, and enhances strength. 


  • Health tonic for women
  • Rejuvenates body and mind
  • Promotes skin health 
  • Improves digestion 
  • Strength, stamina, energy
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Ayurvedic supplements for fatigue have potent herbs for women to recuperate from post-delivery weakness. Dabur Dasmularishta helps maintain the nutritional level of women post-delivery. It has Dashmula, a blend of 10 essential herbs that Ayurveda recommends, such as Ashwagandha, Manjishta, Draksha, etc. 

All these herbs are equally responsible for speeding the recovery from post-delivery weakness, regaining strength, and helping women to be physically ready and active.

  • A 100% natural and herbal supplement for health 
  • Helps women rejuvenate and revitalize the mind and body
  • The 50 herbal mix rejuvenates, revitalizes, and energizes the body
  • Increases in physical strength, stamina, and energy 
  • Reduces weakness and fatigue in postpartum females
  • Promotes skin health and provides a natural glow
  • The Dashmool herbal mix is an ideal post-delivery care for women

Dabur Dashmularishta improves digestive disorders and enhances immunity against infections naturally. It has over 50 medicinal plants as ingredients, including dashmool. The ‘dash’ here means ten, and ‘mool’ implies the root. Hence, dashmool comprises a group of ten herb roots. 

Ayurveda recommends these ingredients for recovering from daily lethargy, general weakness, and fatigue. 

Dabur Dashmularishta stages a quick recovery during the post-quarantine phase. It makes the family physically and mentally ready and active to take on life. You and your family can consume Dabur Dashmularishta around the year.

Dashmularishta can restore the natural health of postpartum women. They can join and resume their daily activities early. 

Key Benefits:

  • Manjistha improves skin health and is a rejuvenator. It possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and gives the skin a radiant glow.
  • Ashwagandha is a rejuvenator and is an immuno-modulator, anti-stress, and antioxidant that boosts immunity.
  • Draksha is nutritious and an antioxidant. It strengthens the body.
  • Amalaki and Guduchi are antioxidants and immuno-modulators
  • Dashmularishta helps postpartum women recoup normal health to begin their regular daily activities. 

This Ayurvedic supplement helps treat irritable bowel syndrome, respiratory diseases, urinary calculus, anal fistula, piles, general debility, anemia, skin disorders, jaundice, and ascites.

Key Features

  • 50 herbal mix 
  • Restores energy in the body
  • Recuperate from weakness postpartum
  • Physical strength and stamina 
  • Reduces weakness and fatigue in women

Form – Liquid

Packaging – Bottle

Net Quantity – 450 ml

Ingredients – Bilva Root, Agnimantha root, Patala root, Shynaka root, Kashmari/Gambhari root, Gokshura root, Brihati root, Shalaparni root, Kantakari root, Prishnaparni root, 

Dosage – Consult your doctor, and you may take one or two tablespoons of the supplement with water post-meal.

Additional information

Item Form


Package Information


Net Quantity

450 ml

Key Ingredients

Bilva Root, Agnimantha root, Patala root, Shynaka root, Kashmari/Gambhari root, Gokshura root, Brihati root, Shalaparni root, Kantakari root, Prishnaparni root,


Consult your doctor, and you may take one or two tablespoons of the supplement with water post-meal.



4 reviews for Best Natural Supplements For Fatigue | Dabur Dashmularishta

  1. Tobias J (verified owner)

    I’m trying vitamins because I live on a no-carb low to no-fat diet. It’s just my preference to maintain my physique regardless of the painful obstacles in my way, back problems are the worst. At any rate I needed a five star “supplement” boost to my regimen., hypoglycemic, lack a thyroid and the lust goes on and on but I stay focused and hope my change ups help my energy vitalisms/body productivity….. this was a huge “source of energy” I found favorable and money.

  2. Bill (verified owner)

    My hubby and I have been taking these immune booster pills since my daughter started preschool this fall. So far she has come down with two colds and we have both fought them off! Normally when one of us gets sick we all do. So I think these dosages have helped keep us for getting sick and thus our daughter’s sickness doesn’t last as long!

  3. Natali (verified owner)

    I was pretty hesitant upon first ordering it if I am being completely honest. Thought it looked like it might be cheap & not very well-made or indeed useful but I was very happily surprised.

  4. Paul (verified owner)

    Love it!!! Great product. I feel rejuvenated and energized all day.

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