Dabur Talisadi Churna : Ayurvedic Respiratory Support Powder


Dabur Talisadi Churna offers numerous respiratory benefits, empowering you to support a healthier respiratory system.


  • Respiratory Support
  • Congestion Relief
  • Cough Relief
  • Mucus Clearance
  • Lung Health
  • Natural Wellness
(17 customer reviews)
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Introduction of Dabur Talisadi Churna:  

An Ayurvedic powder formulated to provide respiratory support and promote healthy breathing. Crafted with a unique blend of herbs, this powder can help alleviate respiratory discomfort and support overall respiratory well-being. Let’s explore its ingredients, benefits, and recommended dosage to improve your respiratory health naturally and embark on this journey of improved respiratory support together! 


To experience the full benefits of Talisadi Churna, follow the recommended dosage guidelines: 

  • For adults, take 1-3 grams of Talisadi Churna twice a day. 
  • Mix it with honey, warm water, or as directed by a healthcare professional. 
  • Consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice or if you have any specific health concerns. 

Embrace the power of Talisadi Churna to support your respiratory health, breathe easier, and experience the transformative benefits of this exceptional Ayurvedic formulation. 

Additional information

Key Ingredients

Ela (Cardamom), Maricha (Black Pepper), Pippali (Long Pepper), Shunthi (Ginger), Talispatra (Abies webbiana), Vanshalochana (Bambusa bambos)



17 reviews for Dabur Talisadi Churna : Ayurvedic Respiratory Support Powder

  1. Dalton (verified owner)

    Ayurvedic great product. Give it a shot for dry cough issues and it will work.

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    Good for wet cough will rate 8 out of 10, recommend.

  3. Sara (verified owner)

    Consistency should be better

  4. Thomas (verified owner)

    I have just started Takiing it since today and it seems to be working effectively on my cough. Feeling better.

  5. Matthew (verified owner)

    Good product very helpful, I got after prescription of ayurveda doctor.

  6. Elijah (verified owner)

    DABUR is one of the Best Ayurvedic Brand in India.

  7. Emmanuel T (verified owner)

    Good is what I can suggest.

  8. Dan (verified owner)

    This product needs no any body’s evaluation. Dabur has a long experience in Ayurvedic recepies.

  9. James T (verified owner)

    Product is fine.

  10. Linda (verified owner)

    I am using it twice daily.

  11. Mak (verified owner)

    Excellent Ayurvedic remedy for could and cough.

  12. Joshua (verified owner)

    Good product. Available @discount in prakrti world.

  13. Laura (verified owner)

    Good and glad to find it online.

  14. Freddy (verified owner)

    I found it helpful. Whenever I took it for cough, it always worked the best for cough cure.

  15. Christopher (verified owner)

    My mother had dry cough I took some Rx allopathic cough syrups. None really helped or worked and more, they gave side effects. Consulted Ayurvedic doctor. He prescribed this product. She took for approximately 10 days, it did wonders for her. trust me now she has no dry cough.

  16. James (verified owner)

    A few weeks ago i had the cough and a friend gave this churna from Dabur. It is very effective and also help build immunity. I am happy with this product.

  17. Mary (verified owner)

    Works well. Very helpfull when cold and itchy throat

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