Kerala Ayurveda Eladi Thailam – Natural Skin Allergies Relief

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Use the sesame oil-based massage oil for skin disorders and toxic skin conditions. For skin allergies relief and skin diseases, post-workout oil soothes muscles for healthy joints.


  • Flush skin toxins
  • Soothes stressed skin
  • Muscle and joint massage
  • Skin tone and complexion
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The classical Ayurvedic formulation helps with various skin allergies and disorders. The Ayurvedic supplement is for external application and reduces inflammatory symptoms and toxic skin conditions. Eladi Thailam has sesame oil as the base. It helps reduce the symptoms associated with inflammation and toxicity in the skin and improves complexion.

Sesame oil-based Ayurvedic formulation as daily massage oil is for skin allergies relief and skin diseases. Using it as a post-workout soothes muscles for healthy joints and joint pain relief. Ayurvedic pain relief oil has Bilva, Ashwagandha, Bala, Satavaru, and Sesame oil. 

The Ayurvedic oil supplement for the skin is antiseptic and reduces skin toxicity, adding radiance and glow to your skin. The Ayurvedic medication promotes detoxification by excreting the toxins and excess water. 

You can use the sesame oil-enriched Ayurvedic medicated oil to treat acne breakouts, pigmentation, and boils. It improves skin and scalp health and chronic skin issues and maintains a healthy skin complexion. 

The herbal oil pacifies vitiated Vata and Kapha doshas and promotes natural skin radiance. The herbal massage oil helps curb itching and other symptoms of dandruff. 

Eladi Thailam is a daily massage oil before bath that predominantly addresses enhanced Vata dosha and Kapha dosha while also being known for supporting skin and scalp health, helping to maintain a healthy skin complexion, and pacifying vitiated Vata and Kapha doshas. 

The herbal oil is excellent for massage to nourish your skin and impart bones and muscle strength, with its ability to promote natural skin radiance. The botanical oil for the skin and scalp nourishes and brightens the complexion.

Eladi Thailam is a beneficial addition to any skincare routine. The natural and organic oil is suitable for babies, too. It is 100% herbal and contains no Paraben, artificially added fragrance, color, chemical, mineral oil, or petroleum by-products. It is free from eggs, gluten, shellfish, peanuts, soybeans, and GMOs.

Key features

  • Sesame oil-based massage oil & baby massage oil
  • Pacifies vitiated Vata and Kapha doshas
  • Skin disorders for external application, reduce inflammatory symptoms
  • Alleviates toxic skin conditions, improves complexion
  • Allergy relief and skin diseases, joint pain relief & Ayurvedic pain relief
  • Post-workout oil massage soothes muscles for healthy joints 
  • Antiseptic reduces skin toxicity, excretes the toxins and excess water
  • Nourish your skin, add radiance and glow to your skin
  • Treats chronic skin issues, acne breakouts, pigmentation, and boils
  • Improves skin and scalp health, curbs itching and other symptoms of dandruff
  • Maintain a healthy skin complexion, impart bones and muscle strength
  • Nourishes and brightens the complexion and natural skin radiance


  • Sukshmaila boosts skin complexion. It helps reduce skin allergic conditions. 
  • Kushta is beneficial for various skin diseases. 
  • Turushka helps reduce various types of eczema and other skin diseases. 
  • Phalini promotes quick healing and helps reduce inflammation in skin diseases.

Net Quantity 200 ml

Dosage Use it as a massage oil for body and scalp 20mins before the bath. Consult your doctor for usage.

Additional information

Key Ingredients

Cardamom, Saffron, and Cinnamon

Item Form


Net Quantity

200 ml

Package Information


Key Ingredients

Bilva, Ashwagandha, Bala, Satavaru, and Sesame oil.


Use it as a baby massage oil before the bath. Consult your doctor for usage.


Kerala Ayurveda

19 reviews for Kerala Ayurveda Eladi Thailam – Natural Skin Allergies Relief

  1. Elijah (verified owner)

    The blend is my secret weapon for focus. This is the best version of therpeutic oil that I have purchased –

  2. Tobias J (verified owner)

    Favourite gentle skin treatment

  3. Elijah (verified owner)

    Easy 5.0 star rating

  4. Andrea (verified owner)

    What’s truly lovely is my skin seems brighter after I put it on! A terrific product. I’will be back for more.

  5. Dalton (verified owner)

    Therapeutic Oils have become a family favorite. The blends suit everyone’s preferences, and the packaging is perfect for display. Great purchase

  6. Niecy (verified owner)

    The blends are uplifting, and the quality is outstanding.

  7. Eric (verified owner)

    This set is amazing!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Would recommend and will buy again.

  9. Josu (verified owner)

    This skin care pack has a permanent place on my shelf!

  10. Laura (verified owner)

    Therapeutic Oils are my go-to for relaxation.

  11. Rockford (verified owner)

    Will definitely order again and get my 2 girls on a skin regime with these beautiful products.

  12. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I would like to add that am extremely happy with the results since using your products.

  13. Samuel (verified owner)

    ‘This is PERFECTION. I have a young combination skin, very unstable because of hormones and pollution and things like that, and I hate foundations and powders. I wanted to have a better looking skin, and I do now. I massage my face with it. When I wake up, I can see and feel my skin is completely clean. My skin becomes really suppler and softer than it has ever been. Even my dark circles are not dark anymore. THANKS.

  14. Matthew (verified owner)

    People are talking about an oil test? I spilled some on my sheets I thought crap…this is going to leave a HUUUGE oil spot. It didn’t. It’s gone. WHOO HOO! So there are no oil fillers added, per people in the know about how oils work. (I read a lot of comments)

  15. Kevin (verified owner)

    Greetings! I purchased this same item back in January 2015; was my second purchase.

  16. Daniel (verified owner)

    This arrived quickly, was well-packaged, and seems to work wonders.

  17. Bill (verified owner)

    Such a good and absorbs into my skin, so amazing for my acne prone skin, absolutely love it thanks

  18. Henry (verified owner)

    Therapeutic Oils have made a noticeable difference in my daily routine.

  19. Emmanuel T (verified owner)

    I have spent more money on something I can’t use. This product suits better on my skin. I am delighted with.

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