Sri Sri Tattva Karela Jamun Juice |Regulate Blood Sugar Level, 500 ml


Manage your diabetes with Karela and Jamun and maintain healthy blood sugar levels by improving glucose metabolism, digestion, liver and pancreas health.


  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Improve liver and pancreas health
  • Boosts glucose digestion and metabolism
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The exceptional blend of two Ayurvedic fruits, karela and jamun, helps regulate blood sugar level and stimulates the pancreas, liver, and digestive system. Control the blood glucose and keep an optimum sugar level for diabetes management. It helps promote healthy digestion and glucose metabolism. 

Karela is a unique vegetable, very popular in India. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It improves glucose absorption. 

Jamun is a delicious fruit. It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Various minerals in it aid in digestion. It also has anti-aging properties.

The herbal juice is a potent natural supplement to promote the health and functions of the pancreas, liver, and digestive system. Its regular consumption can effectively promote healthy digestion and glucose metabolism for wholesome health and well-being.

The natural supplement stimulates the pancreas, liver, and digestion. It is critical for glucose breakdown and assimilation. Proper breakdown, digestion, and assimilation help glucose absorb into the cells and reduce insulin resistance. 

High blood glucose in the blood and not absorbing into the cells can cause diabetes and excessive fat accumulation in the body. High glucose metabolism will help regulate blood sugar level. 

Keep your diabetes under control. Ayurveda says karela and jamun can help control blood sugar. It improves liver and pancreatic health to digest and metabolize glucose. A happy tummy will make you happy.

The Ayurveda product helps detox the liver and kidneys and keeps them in perfect order. With proper functioning of the bladder, it cleanses the bowels and fortifies the liver. 

The herbal supplement is 100% natural and has no added sugar. It is plant-based and hence veg. It has no artificial color or flavor. Indian Health Ministry Ayush certified it. Be rest assured of the safety and quality of the product. 

The efficacy of the karela jumun juice improves by adding Amal, Neem, and Methhi. Amal fosters immunity and improves digestion. Neem helps in liver and kidney health and functions. Methi supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Key Features

  • Regulate blood glucose
  • Manage diabetes and blood sugar
  • Improves glucose metabolism and digestion
  • Fortify liver and kidney functions
  • Detox liver and kidneys
  • Certified by the Indian Health Ministry
  • Bladder functions and bowel cleansing

Net Quantity 500 ml

Dosage – Pour 30 ml with 100 ml of water or fruit juice, or have it plain directly. Take it daily two times. Preferably take it half an hour before a meal, or as per a doctor. It is pure, herbal, and non-synthetic. 

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Key Ingredients

Karela, Jamun, Amla, Neem, and Methi


You can take 30 ml with 100 ml of water or juice. Take it daily two times, preferably half an hour before a meal, or consult as per your doctor.


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