Himalaya Wellness Brahmi | Improve Memory & Focus | 100% Pure

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Brahmi is a pure herb and active ingredient that improves memory and focus, provides comprehensive support for your brain, and helps you stay sharp.


  • Brain and memory functions
  • Focus and Alertness
  • Manage stress
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Unlock your mind’s full potential with Himalaya Brahmi Mind Wellness Tablets and improve memory and focus. With 60 tablets in a single pack, Brahmi provides comprehensive support for your brain, helping you stay sharp. Your natural pathway to enhance cognitive abilities and achieve mental clarity is the Brahmi Mind Wellness Tablets. This pack of 60 tablets supports brain health, helping you stay mentally agile and focused. Embrace the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda and experience the transformative benefits of Brahmi, elevating your cognitive function and promoting a balanced mind. 

  • Cognitive Support: It aids in enhancing memory and improving cognitive abilities, helping you process information effectively. 
  • Mental Clarity: The herbal blend promotes mental alertness and concentration, allowing you to stay focused on tasks. 
  • Stress Management: Brahmi tablets help manage stress and anxiety, supporting overall brain health and emotional well-being.

Brahmi calms the mind and improves improve memory and focus, clarity of mind and thought. The Ayurvedic supplement promotes memory consolidation, as Brahmi is a memory-improving agent from ancient times in Vedic texts and literature. The herb improves mental health and cognitive skills. It can calm and relax your mind. You can stay focused and alert and think sharper and better. It promotes the mind’s wellness and improves your ability to learn quickly. The natural supplement calms the mind and clarity of thoughts. It boosts memory and concentration.

Brahmi also promotes mental agility, memory power, and learning ability among young minds, which is ideal for students. It helps improve concentration among them and keeps a calm mind. The herbal supplement is 100% veg, without preservatives, sugar, or chemicals. Each tablet has 250 extracts of the Brahmi plant.

Key Features

  • Memory booster
  • Cognitive Support
  • Mental Clarity
  • Stress Management
  • Brain power
  • Clarity of mind
  • Focus and alertness
  • Improve ability to clear thinking
  • Reduces stress and calms the mind
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating

Additional information

Key Ingredients

Brahmi, Gotu Kola, Mandukaparni

Net Quantity

60 Tablet (Pack of 1)


Consult with your doctor before starting any new supplement., Suitable for long-term use and supports brain health., Take 1 to 2 tablets twice daily after meals for optimal results.



40 reviews for Himalaya Wellness Brahmi | Improve Memory & Focus | 100% Pure

  1. Maria (verified owner)

    Easy to swallow Natural ingredients Made in USA BUT they say you need to be on these for a few months before you might perceive the difference they are making however even though they are super easy to take and packaged individually

  2. Emmanuel T (verified owner)

    I had a difficulty in remembering and has always taken an hour or so before I started taking this supplement and my brain seems to function clearly.

  3. Noah (verified owner)

    I would say this product is definitely proven! Consistent Improvement.

  4. Emily (verified owner)

    Excelente I am really thinking more clearly.

  5. Susan (verified owner)

    I will continue to take this product and have recommended to several people who purchased it and loved the outcome. I could pleasantly experience the difference within a few days.

  6. Matthew (verified owner)

    I am 68 and from time to time I am forgetful and do not remember things. After taking this memory boosting supplement for a few days my memory has bettered and improved somewhat.

  7. Niecy (verified owner)

    As a supplement the quality is high but as a brain supplement I am not sure you are getting the best there is at this point. This review is for the pure organic herbs made Memory supplement –

  8. Ron (verified owner)

    I would recommend going to website and reading the research memory health has done. Excellent Product I use this product for memory health, and cognitive function.

  9. Karen (verified owner)

    This nootropic is different than others I have tried – the ingredients are the reason I say it is different is because it does not have the usual ingredients you might see in a nootropic product. So this product will not give you an immediate rush (like the caffeine based nootropics), but appears to be based on more long-term efficacy.

  10. Jennifer (verified owner)

    These are little pills that are easy to swallow, don’t give me any gross or bad-tasting after tastes (or anything like that), and they do feel to be helping with some memory stuff…but I hope it is not placebo.

  11. Steven (verified owner)

    My experience has been good with the supplement.

  12. Dalton (verified owner)

    Very high quality product. I wish it came in a bottle, the box was slightly crushed.

  13. Jerry (verified owner)

    I hope I I continue to be on the memory supplement, which is natural, a longer period of time, my memroy will further improve. I have always had morning brain fog when I first wake up going back to my childhood.

  14. Margaret (verified owner)

    I have not experiencedzero side effects at all from them. I did not feel like I had any cognitive benefit from this product though. It might work for others, and it might be doing great things for my brain nerves, but I did not feel like it helped my memory any. On the positive side, the little packs make this a product that is easy to take with you, and I imagine if you wanted to share it, it would make that easier too.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I would suggest like for any new supplement, always recommended and best to first discuss your health with your physician. I was looking for fish oil when I found this product. It sounded wonderful to have extra benefits for the brain, in addition to the fish oil.

  16. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I was in disbelief about buying this pills. Im so happy I did it. I was really stressed with my job and had migraines due to the pressure from time to time. Also, I started noticing that my merory started failing.

  17. Matthew (verified owner)

    I will not be reordering as I have taken others that have been working well for me so I don’t want to buy a couple months worth of these when I already have some that I KNOW work well for me.

  18. San (verified owner)

    I have tried taking 2 pills on my non-Adderall days as well and find it is less of a “buzzy” stimulator, not as strong but still very effective. Will continue my usage of this! Great product.

  19. Cierra (verified owner)

    I’m very forgetful. I absolutely feel this improved the function of my mind and thought process.

  20. Ricky (verified owner)

    I forget less and have better recall. It would need to be at least half for me to consider adding it to my monthly costs.

  21. Donald (verified owner)

    Pros: Seems to help with memory recall Memory retention feels a bit better Love the single-serving packets No independent test results Value is just okay I think that this will be a lot more effective for some people rather than everyone as we all process things differently. As far as the longterm benefits; I won’t know them for hopefully many years. I study supplementation. This is good for overall body health. The research in the past years have demonstrated the proven power of these memory supplements on the brain. It is encouraging to say the least.

  22. Henry (verified owner)

    I have been taking for about a month and it seems like recall is a bit better and retention is as well. There also seem to be some very good longterm impacts as a few of the ingredients appear to be used to either prevent forgetfullness diseases.

  23. Steven (verified owner)

    I have Epilepsy and have had difficult times remembering things not only people’s names but also very simple facts or words. I have also lost a lot of Biblical knowledge which is nuts because I have college degree and half of Seminary degree and my full time job prior to having Epilepsy was Youth and Children’s ministry. So, when I saw brain support and the reviews I was really interested in trying it.

  24. Jesse (verified owner)

    I feel normal again my recall is very acceptable. No side effects. Prescription drugs give your brain a rush this doesnt. Im so grateful I chose this product.

  25. Natali (verified owner)

    Overall, this is powerful nutrition and should be sought out. I do recommend this as a top choice.

  26. Emily (verified owner)

    I start studying and they help me to concentrate and focus I have been taking the Brain Support for about a week.

  27. Donald (verified owner)

    My product showed up within days, the sachets are easy to tare, and the small pills are very easy to swallow. No fish burps, which I usually have anytime I take something with fish oil.

  28. Niecy (verified owner)

    I had a difficulty in remembering and has always taken an hour or so before I started taking this supplement and my brain seems to function clearly.

  29. Tobias J (verified owner)

    I have recommended this product to my son who is now also going to school to become an electrician and working full time. I told him to try it and see how much better he will be able to concentrate. 🙂 another update: this product helps me focus on the task ahead and helps with my memory as well.

  30. Nancy (verified owner)

    I have taken this memory boosting supplement for 2 months I started to notice a huge difference.

  31. Tobias J (verified owner)

    (So far so good) Product does seem to help some; however I only took one per morning; not three as instructions said. Kind of expensive. It made a difference.

  32. Daniel (verified owner)

    My wife started taking it and she noticed the focus she was able to get while studying for Nursing school. We would highly recommend it.

  33. Matthew (verified owner)

    Highly recommend to anyone looking to safeguard their memory and brain health. Starting 3rd month. Have been much more alert and focused. Wife is also on the product and have seen the same results. Would highly recommend this product.

  34. Tobias J (verified owner)

    For older people, this is wonderful. whenever im looking for supplemental support for my body, I’m so anxious about having negative side effects because my multiple gastrointestinal surgeries have undeniably changed the way my stomach processes everything.

  35. William (verified owner)

    The pack arrived on time and they are easy to swallow and after taking this product with day one I notice the clarity and the focus that I had at work I was able to chart and concentrate on mywork.

  36. Dan (verified owner)

    ve only been on it for a a full week because i tried someone else’s first the i immediately ordered some. No side affect feels no heart racing i did have some times with dry mouth….i totally will purchase again.

  37. Henry (verified owner)

    I have tried taking 2 pills on my non-Adderall days as well and find it is less of a “buzzy” stimulator, not as strong but still very effective. Will continue my usage of this! Great product.

  38. Donald (verified owner)

    I tried a few different memory health products like this, some seemed to work, some had no change. It’s a difficult thing to really tell for sure if it’s working or not, objectively, but it makes things go smoother for recalling things in her day to day life, and that’s ultimately what it’s all about.

  39. Barbara (verified owner)

    These are easy to swallow pills. Each little pack has 3 pills in it. This actually allows you to take the little pack with you if you want to take them to work with you or something.

  40. Barbara (verified owner)

    My experience has been good with the supplement.

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