Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit Resin – Increase Stamina and Performance Booster

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A natural supplement helps increase stamina and male vigor. Relieve chronic fatigue syndrome and tiredness. The dietary supplement improves male sexual health and performance.


  • Increases stamina
  • Useful in bodybuilding
  • Support a long, healthy life
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Shilajit, also known as mineral pitch, is found in the higher altitudes of the Himalayan mountains. It helps increase stamina. It is a rich source of fulvic acid and minerals that can help boost your energy levels. The natural minerals boost immunity and help you live a long, healthy life. 

The oxygen in fulvic acid helps in nutrient absorption in cells. It increases muscle strength and hormonal balance. Intake daily of the Ayurvedic supplement adds to your vigor and stamina, improves mental health, and reduces hair loss. It has anti-aging properties. It relieves chronic fatigue syndrome and tiredness. Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit is purified and filtered. It ensures it is free of heavy metals. Suppose you are looking to enhance your physical and mental well-being. 

Shilajeet is rich in Ayurvedic substances, and fulvic acid increases stamina and male performance. It helps improve libido and sexual health in men. Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit supports body and muscle building, fitness workouts, and exercises. It helps increase stamina and strength and improve overall immunity.

Key Features

  • Oxygen-enriched fulvic acid increases stamina.
  • Promotes nutrient absorption in cells
  • Increases male vigor and energy
  • It helps build a strong immunity naturally
  • Live a long, healthy disease free life
  • Eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome and tiredness
  • Male bodybuilding, muscle building, fitness


Organic Shilajit/Shilajeet resin

Pack details  20 g


Take a small quality (a quarter of a spoon) and mix/stir it thoroughly with water/milk for 2 to 3 minutes until it dissolves completely. Consume it in the morning or before bedtime with a meal, once or twice daily.

Additional information

Item Form


Net Quantity

20 gm

Key Ingredients

Shilajit Resin is Shilajit, a blackish sticky substance found in the Himalayan mountains.


Take a quarter of a spoon and mix it thoroughly with water for 2 min until it dissolves completely. Consume it in the morning or before bedtime with a meal, once or twice daily.



20 reviews for Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit Resin – Increase Stamina and Performance Booster

  1. James (verified owner)

    I am a gym trainer; I used to have fatigue after training sessions. After having Shilajit, it has reduced my fatigue and helped muscle recovery.

  2. Jackson (verified owner)

    I can now perform better and lift more weight.

  3. James (verified owner)

    It is the best and most authentic natural supplement.

  4. Jehrin (verified owner)

    It is difficult to get authentic shilajeet in the market. This one is awesome and a genuine product.

  5. Joshua (verified owner)

    I love this product as it has added to my performance and strength.
    I can feel more energy in my body.

  6. Josu (verified owner)

    Earlier, I used to get exhausted quickly after strenuous work. Now, I can give myself and my family more time.

  7. Donald (verified owner)

    I was initially worried of side effects, and to my surprise, ther is none,

  8. Cierra (verified owner)

    I was initially worried of side effects, and to my surprise, ther is none,

  9. Anthony (verified owner)

    I feel more active and energy. It is pure herb, natural, and 100% ayurvedic. Vouch for it.

  10. Jesse (verified owner)

    I am 40. I felt chronic fatigue and weakness. After taking this shilajit supplement every morning with milk, I can feel the energy levels when I was in my 20s.

  11. Kenneth (verified owner)

    It’s a very good natural way to build body strength and stamina.

  12. Kevin (verified owner)

    Good for men’s secxual health. It has boosted my performance manifold. I just have it two hours before the deed.

  13. Georgie (verified owner)

    I love this product – original and authentic, direct from the caves of the Himalayas mountain range

  14. Linda (verified owner)

    I have been using Shilajit after my friend told me about the Prakritii world. I feel an extra boost of vitality all day and do my work better and finish it before ti,e. I still have energy to play with my kids after reaching home.

  15. Nancy (verified owner)

    I have tried shilajit, an Indian Ayurvedic supplement that can replace the chemical ladder protein powders and steroids. It is vegetarian so anyone can consume it.

  16. Richard (verified owner)

    I take a pie in milk or warm water and bubble with extra stamina during the day. Earlier I used to feel lethargic and had no mood to work or even go to the office. I can see a change in me after I had this 100% herbal supplement.

  17. Sebastian (verified owner)

    100% genuine Shilajit from Indian mountains

  18. Samuel (verified owner)

    I have the fulvic acid-rich Shilajit which vitalizes and rejuvenates my mind and body. I am interested in everything about life now. I never short of energy.

  19. Sandra (verified owner)

    This is a miraculous supplement that boosts your strength and energy to the roof. I recommend this to everyone above 30 years. No need for harmful tablets and capsules which will give side effects.

  20. Margaret (verified owner)

    Totally a veg option, natural, plant based energy source. I love itt. Will buy it again from Prakriti world. Will continue taking it for life.

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