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Asthomap respiratory relief therapy helps in asthma cure. This Ayurvedic respiratory medicine provides natural relief to the respiratory system and eases breathing problems, coughs, and colds. It helps relieve nasal congestion and free airways for easing the breathing.


  • Respiratory relief
  • Asthma cure
  • Cough & cold
  • Eases breathing
  • Relieves congestion
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Asthomap is a dietary supplement that helps balance the three doshas in Ayurveda, Vata, Kapha, and Pitta doshas. It supports the respiratory system and reduces asthma attacks, allergies, and coughs. 

Breathing clean air is crucial to maintain a healthy lung function. Seasonal changes may see allergies creeping in. It is time to take care of the respiratory system more carefully with natural remedies.

This Ayurvedic formulation is a blend of traditional herbs. These are Tulsi, Vasaka, Kantakari, and Licorice. These Ayurvedic herbs have anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, and expectorant properties. They ease breathing difficulties and promote healthy lung function. 

This herbal supplement is an Ayurvedic cure for asthma, allergies, and other respiratory ailments. It helps improve respiratory immunity and reduces the frequency of asthma attacks. The natural herbs and ingredients ease breathing difficulties, reduce respiratory tract inflammation, and promote healthy lung function.

The Respiratory combo holistically relieves respiratory issues. This Ayurvedic product provides synergistic action to strengthen the respiratory system. 

Recommended Dose

  • Asthomap: take 1 to 2 tablets thrice daily, or as your Ayurveda doctor suggests. 
  • Prandhara: Instil 1 to 2 drops of Prandhara taken orally with water. It helps overcome nausea, vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea, and spasmodic pain. You can apply it topically to relieve toothache or headache.
  • Nasya: Apply the Anu Oil twice daily, 2 to 4 drops, or as per doctor’s advice
  • Apply Kasni: Take 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls, equivalent to 5 to 10 ml, twice or thrice daily.


Refer to the product insert on how to use the product. Keep it out of reach of children. Please consult an Ayurvedic doctor for the correct diagnosis and dosage recommendation.

Key Features

  • Dietary supplement balancing Vata, Kapha, Pitta 
  • Symptoms of asthma attacks, allergies, and cough
  • Tulsi, Vasaka, Kantakari, and Licorice
  • Anti-inflammatory, a bronchodilator, and expectorant 
  • Ease breathing difficulties and promote healthy lung function
  • Improve the respiratory immunity of a person
  • Reducing the likelihood of frequent asthma attacks
  • Promote a healthy respiratory system and ease breathing difficulties
  • Reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract
  • Promote healthy lung function, strengthen the respiratory system

Additional Information.

Form – Tablets

Net Quantity – 60 tablets

Package Information – Bottle

Key Ingredients – Prandhara (3 ml), Anu Taila (10 ml), Kasni (100Ml)

Dosage –

Additional information

Item Form


Net Quantity

60 tablets

Package Information


Key Ingredients

Each 500mg tablet of Asthomap has Talispatra Abies webbiana, KaliMirch Piper nigrum, Pippali Piper lingum, Shunthi Zingiber officinale, Vanshlochan Bambusa arundinacea,, Twak Cinnamomum Zeylaincum, Ela Elettaria cardamomum, Soma Lata Sarcostemma brevisitigma, Yashtimadhu Glycyrrhiza glabra, Kushta Saussurea lappa, Vasa Adhatoda vasica, Mishri Crystal sugar


As per your doctor’s advice, you may take one or two tablets thrice a day.


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