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Pure Shilajit boosts energy, stamina, strength, vitality, and immunity. Shilajit used in Ayurveda for centuries to treat and heal sexual disorders in men, including low libido,  erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. The minerals in Shilajit help reduce blood pressure levels by strengthening muscles and nerves.


  • Energy, Stamina, Vitality
  • Helpful in blood pressure and diabetes
  • Libido, sperm count
  • Sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction
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Pure Shilajit is an elixir of good health, and immunity can treat all diseases from their root cause. This herbal supplement can bless the human body with power, strength, luster, aura, energy, stamina, glow, and vitality. Consume it in a prescribed quantity. 

The Ayurvedic product helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels and helps to strengthen nerves and muscles. It boosts strength and energy levels and provides a natural source of vitality. It may treat gastrointestinal ulcers, making it beneficial to your overall health routine. 

The natural supplement provides effective results for gout, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, and backache. Patanjali Divya Shudh Shilajeet (R.T.) is a versatile Ayurvedic product beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other sexual disorders in men, diabetes, joint pain, fatigue, and respiratory obstructions. 

It has revitalizing properties that enhance physical performance and balance Vata-Kapha, making it a valuable addition to one’s health and wellness routine. It treats colds, coughs, coryza, chill, allergies, asthma, respiratory/breathing problems, and lung weakness. 

The herbal supplement helps treat tuberculosis, weak bones, physical weakness and fatigue, sperm count, sexual disorders, diabetes, and many other diseases. It is very effective in treating sexual dysfunctions in men and improves libido and sperm count, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. Regular consumption in a small quantity strengthens muscles and nerves. 

We should refrain from using shilajit in large quantities. Although the herb is safe and immensely beneficial to overall health and immunity, you may consult a doctor if you have any underlying health conditions.

It is critical to get pure shilajit because the market has many counterfeit versions. There are tests to identify pure shilajit. One such test is if you mix a small amount in warm water or milk, it will dissolve with no traces of shilajit, although the dissolvent will take the color of shilajit. If it does not dissolve and gets deposited at the bottom, you may have a counterfeit shilajit. 

Take the Ayurvedic product from an authentic and verified brand. To dissolve shilajit, you do not need to stir. Put a small amount of shilajit. It will naturally dissolve in water or milk.

Key Features

  • Strength, energy, stamina, vitality
  • Regulates blood pressure and blood glucose levels
  • Treats sexual disorders and improves libido and sperm count
  • Treats erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Strengthens muscles and nerves and balances vata-kapha 
  • Treating gastrointestinal ulcers, gout, cervical spondylosis, sciatica
  • Effective for backache, joint pain, and bone health
  • Remove general weakness, fatigue, and respiratory obstructions
  • treats colds, coughs, coryza, chill, allergies, asthma, 
  • Respiratory/breathing problems and lung weakness

Additional Information.

Form – Paste

Net Quantity – 20 gm

Package Information – Bottle

Key Ingredients – Shilajit, Patthar, Moti, Pishti, Water

Dosage – Consult your doctor before consuming it. Consume a small amount, one-fourth of a spoon or smaller, and mix it with a glass of water or milk. Consume it before bedtime after a meal or early morning on an empty stomach.

Additional information

Key Ingredients

Shilajit, Patthar, Moti, pishti

Item Form


Net Quantity

20 gm

Package Information


Key Ingredients

Shilajit, Patthar, Moti, Pishti, Water


Consult your doctor, take one-fourth of a spoon or smaller, with a glass of water or milk., before bedtime after a meal or early morning on an empty stomach.




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